Competitive Empowerment

“Be a Hero”

The term coined by Go Pro, has extracted a sense of competition all over the social web. Competition is healthy, and is the best way to grow and succeed in this world. Posting selfies is an empowering act, but does it always have to be associated as negative, egotistical, or narcissistic?

My friend and I were talking about social media, more specifically, instagram, and how it is starting to evolve into challenges, contests, and getting tagged onto “photo of the day”. Seeking validation is natural, and that’s exactly what we do on social media. You post, in hopes that you get a bunch of “likes” and maybe a few “followers” to validate that what you are posting is legit. Most of the time, we post pics of where we are or a selfie of us and where we are, is somewhere in the background. Or better yet, posing in some cool yoga pose in front of a sick waterfall…but is it really that wrong?

Given the right perspective, photographer (which most of the time is yourself), time of day, and quality action, a photo is an expression of you. It’s an art, and if it’s done well with the right intention, you’re capturing a moment in your life that inspires people to push harder, create something better, and raise the bar of creative expression.

The bottom line is that we need to shift our perspective. Why do we go on social media in the first place? Well, I go to be inspired. To find people, places, and their actions empowering. To motivate and challenge one another in “one-up-ing” the game. The game that you have the power to create, change, and manifest in your destiny.

Everything you share on social media reveals something about you and your adventures, and only YOU have the power to create and control what and how that looks like. So, I say, BE A HERO and competitively empower yourself and your community to share their stories through their photos to help raise the bar of inspiration and motivation of why we do, what we do. #competitiveempowerment