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Video Sneak Peak

Monday in Motion- Cardio and Plyometrics Inspired Workout

Tone it Up Tuesday- Lengthen, Strengthen, and Fire up the Core 

Wednesday WOD- Body weight exercises and gym inspired workout

Tabata Thursday- Increase your fat burning machine & VO2 MAX with HIIT training

Freestyle Friday- We take our workouts OUTSIDE to the pool, track, playground, or trail and I teach you how to use the WORLD AS YOUR GYM!

Stretch it Out Saturday- Active Recovery involving Yoga, Foam/ball rolling, and all my favorite recovery tips.

Sunday Funday- Your day to get outside and move however you’d like. It’s YOUR day.

REPEAT series every week for as long as you want to get you fit and in shape for Retreats, Cruises, Vacations, Sport Events, Reunions, Adventures and more…

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